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At Sunshine Exteriors, we know that every roof is unique and comes with its own needs and special care. Roofs need various kinds of attention, which is why we spend time coming out to your home to review all the basic facts that to provide you with a custom solution or repair. We provide detailed information to help replace or repair your roof to ensure we maximize the life of your roof and provide the best value regardless of the service. 

No matter what your needs are, starting with a professional roof exam and consultation is the best route to remedy the situation. Here are areas of concern that require a look by a Sunshine roofing expert:

  • Recent storm damage. This is one of the most common reasons to repair a roof, particularly after harsh winters or hail damage. Wind can be an issue if there are other problems with your roofing system like cupping caused by improper ventilation or corroded fasteners. Our expertise with storm damage is the best in the area. 

  • Full Replacement. Maybe your 30-year-old roof is done it's duty and is past is ability to provide the safety and utility it requires. We deliver the same look it once had or go for different styles, whether shake or cedar, composite or simple replacements, we will ensure the highest quality every time. 

  • Leak Repairs. Leaks can be tricky to isolate and often have nothing to do with the roofing product. However, the moisture that’s getting in can also be harming your cedar shakes.

  • Health Reports and Preventative Care/Maintenance. Perhaps you’re ready to buy or just purchased a home with an older roof and want some simple peace of mind. It’s hard to know when to get a preservation treatment or even which kind or roof improvements to choose if you do need an update. That's why we are here. We help assess any current damage and provide your a full report of the best cost effective ways to move forward with your new home. 
  • Time for an Upgrade. Perhaps you have a composite shingle and want to know what switching to cedar entails. We can also change you to a synthetic shake or slate roofing system as well as genuine slate - we have the very best products offered on the market and will help you make a smart and cost effective choice.

  • Emergency Repairs.